George Robinson

Systems Engineer


Grafana Labs

Senior Software Engineer
June 2021 - Present


Systems Engineer
April 2018 - June 2021

Systems Engineer for L7 Firewall products and services. My work at Cloudflare has included working on the systems behind Firewall Analytics and Firewall Events for self-serve customers, the Wirefilter execution engine parser and interpreter for matching real-time traffic and managing our customer facing APIs for L7 Firewall products and services. I am currently leading the design and implementation of the API for a new product that aims to provide customers with a unified configuration plane for configuring Firewall across a wide range of teams and products.


Site Reliability Engineer
November 2015 - April 2018

Site Reliability Engineer in a small team of engineers. I led the migration of configuration management from Chef to Salt and started moving infrastructure from online-configuration to immutable infrastructure using Spinnaker and Hashicorp Packer to enable auto-scaling and simply configuration changes.

I wrote an API and CLI in Go to enforce a security policy requiring multi-party sign off on deployments using PGP signatures for Hashicorp's Nomad orchestration plane; and a highly-available monitoring system in Go that used distributed locks in Consul KV for automative failover via leader election.



MSc Networked Computer Systems (Distinction)
2014 - 2015

Completed a group dissertation project in which we built a reduced-privilege web server with Software-Based Fault Isolation. We used Google Native Client to sandbox memory unsafe safe and provide inter-module communication.

Wrote a peer-to-peer routing algorithm on Contiki OS for a theroetical mesh network that collects environmental data, such as pollution, and routes the data to the nearest base station over potentially lossy and unreliable networks.

Awarded the Deans Commendation for Outstanding Performance.

Newcastle University

BSc Computer Science (First-class honours)
2011 - 2014

Wrote dissertation on the scalability of a popular open-source web analytics platform and whether it could be scaled to work for high traffic websites by using the Lambda architecture.

Received scholarship for excellence.